Letters to Santa

Now that the Big Guy is back in town for the summer, we’re getting more letters – kids don’t wait around!

The Singing Santa

Hi Santa, have a Happy Easter.  Tell the Easter Bunny thanks for the candy.  You are Cool.  Tell the Tooth Fairy I probley (sic) am not going to loose any more teeth because I am 11 years old so Ya!  But Happy Easter.
Love, your best friend Vanessa
Peace Out.

Dear Santa,
I can’t wait until Christmas.  It’s in 210 days!  Are your reindeer ready to guide the sleigh?  How is James the penguin?  I want a laptop for Christmas.
Yours truly, Haley

Dear Santa,
Why r u so fat.
(signed) Bob

{Dear Bob, why don’t you want any presents for Christmas this year?}

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

P.S. Anyone know who “James” is?


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