Dad’s Dozen

Father’s Day – it’s coming up fast!  If you’re blessed to have a wonderful father in your life, have you planned a special day for him on June 19th?  Maybe giving him the opportunity to buy lunch for everyone??

Of course, we have to give cards and gifts themed to Dad’s hobbies and interests .. I just haven’t seen anything in recent (recorded) history representing a slide projector or a slide carousel – that’s my dad’s hobby, mixing and remixing slide shows of everything from Jefferson County gardens & historical buildings to “The United States as seen from 35,000 feet, pictures taken from airplane windows coast to coast.”  He has taken thousands of slides over the years, and we, yes, I mean “I”, have enabled him by providing some of the hundreds of slide carousels into which he sorts them.  His fascinating collection truly covers the globe – if he ever learned to scan them into computer files, several gigabites of storage would be jammed with color and texture and life!

I’ve been digging around our site and come up with a dozen ideas for Dad recognition:

First Time Dad – a hand-painted ornament – we can personalize this one.

Another hand-painted ornament, this one to help ensure
your place in Dad’s heart (ahead of your siblings)!

For the ‘Legend in His Own Mind’ Dad

Personalize me, Seymour! (Sorry, obscure Bill Murray movie reference.)

Possum is in a food group, right?

For Dad who introduced you to a love of sports – my dad taught his daughters to love football – when someone asked him why, he replied “well, all my sons were daughters, so they were the ones around to learn football.”

If duck hunting is his thing, I just think this is a very clever & stylish ornament!

Here’s a very sweet Willow Tree figurine for dads & daughters.

Handy-man Dad could use some props on the Christmas tree!

Ah, one for the dreamer…. (we can personalize this for a really special Dad! with a name, I mean, not with flames or anything like that, silly…)


For the Dad that lifts you higher!
(You just have to go with Awwww!)

Is Dad a current or past military person?  We have commemorative items covering all branches of service – even a stars & stripes Christmas tree!

So, there are a dozen ideas for Dad – and there are plenty more where they came from.  I guess this is the modern-day equivalent of a slide show, yes?  Here’s wishing you and your dad an early Happy Father’s Day!

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

P.S. Fathers at Christmas Place on June 19th will receive a free cookie & soft drink at Mrs. Claus’ Candy Kitchen.

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