Sultry Spring

This week, as the temperature has shot up to 90 degrees for a few days, the sweet scent of honeysuckle has filled the air on my drive home along the back roads and even on the highways – reminding me that this is one of my favorite times of year!   The humidity intensifies the effect, and I find myself slowing down to drive with windows open and breathe in the heavenly aroma.

This year, I’ve found the vine growing at the back of my property under the big pine tree – one perk to alleviate the pain of mowing.  BTW, my blueberry bush is loaded with ripening berries – keep the rain coming and I’ll have another good crop this year – anticipation of cobblers & ice cream to come.

In that heavenly, honeysuckle frame of mind, I found this beautiful mouth-blown glass “Tree of Enchantment” ball here in the store – about 5-1/2″ in diamater, I cannot do the luminous colors justice with my camera.  The artist has created a tree trunk in the center of the ball and colorful petals all around the top – it will look spectacular hanging in a sunny window, and is sturdy enough to display outside in the garden.  Give us a call at 800-445-3396, ext 144, to order one – it comes in fall & winter colors, too. 

Then, since I love pink and I love glitter, my eyes caught this beautiful pink dogwood spray!  I know the real things are gone til next year, but a spray of these in a spring wreath – lovely.  And they’re on a fantastic sale right now, too.

It’s not summer for two more weeks, no matter what tale the thermometer has been telling – let’s enjoy the rest of this sweet, sultry spring!

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

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