Elf of the Month

Aack!  I’m really behind!  In fact, I got a photo of the April Elf before I even got one of the March Elf!

Okay, enough exclamation points, here is our March Elf of the Month:  may I introduce to you .. drum roll ..

Flo Minkevich

Flo is one of our {many} extraordinary sales associates here at Christmas Place, and she really kept us going over the winter.  She’s our Buyers Choice carolers expert (it’s just been a Buyers Choice kind of day, I guess!).  Flo falls into the “real sweetheart” category, and we love having her on the team.  Please congratulate her next time you’re in the store.

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

P.S. Did I mention how thorough she is with the vacuum?  She even vacuums the staircases!

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