Letters to Santa

Now that the Big Guy is back in town for the summer, we’re getting more letters – kids don’t wait around!

The Singing Santa

Hi Santa, have a Happy Easter.  Tell the Easter Bunny thanks for the candy.  You are Cool.  Tell the Tooth Fairy I probley (sic) am not going to loose any more teeth because I am 11 years old so Ya!  But Happy Easter.
Love, your best friend Vanessa
Peace Out.

Dear Santa,
I can’t wait until Christmas.  It’s in 210 days!  Are your reindeer ready to guide the sleigh?  How is James the penguin?  I want a laptop for Christmas.
Yours truly, Haley

Dear Santa,
Why r u so fat.
(signed) Bob

{Dear Bob, why don’t you want any presents for Christmas this year?}

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

P.S. Anyone know who “James” is?


Dad’s Dozen

Father’s Day – it’s coming up fast!  If you’re blessed to have a wonderful father in your life, have you planned a special day for him on June 19th?  Maybe giving him the opportunity to buy lunch for everyone??

Of course, we have to give cards and gifts themed to Dad’s hobbies and interests .. I just haven’t seen anything in recent (recorded) history representing a slide projector or a slide carousel – that’s my dad’s hobby, mixing and remixing slide shows of everything from Jefferson County gardens & historical buildings to “The United States as seen from 35,000 feet, pictures taken from airplane windows coast to coast.”  He has taken thousands of slides over the years, and we, yes, I mean “I”, have enabled him by providing some of the hundreds of slide carousels into which he sorts them.  His fascinating collection truly covers the globe – if he ever learned to scan them into computer files, several gigabites of storage would be jammed with color and texture and life!

I’ve been digging around our site and come up with a dozen ideas for Dad recognition:

First Time Dad – a hand-painted ornament – we can personalize this one.

Another hand-painted ornament, this one to help ensure
your place in Dad’s heart (ahead of your siblings)!

For the ‘Legend in His Own Mind’ Dad

Personalize me, Seymour! (Sorry, obscure Bill Murray movie reference.)

Possum is in a food group, right?

For Dad who introduced you to a love of sports – my dad taught his daughters to love football – when someone asked him why, he replied “well, all my sons were daughters, so they were the ones around to learn football.”

If duck hunting is his thing, I just think this is a very clever & stylish ornament!

Here’s a very sweet Willow Tree figurine for dads & daughters.

Handy-man Dad could use some props on the Christmas tree!

Ah, one for the dreamer…. (we can personalize this for a really special Dad! with a name, I mean, not with flames or anything like that, silly…)


For the Dad that lifts you higher!
(You just have to go with Awwww!)

Is Dad a current or past military person?  We have commemorative items covering all branches of service – even a stars & stripes Christmas tree!

So, there are a dozen ideas for Dad – and there are plenty more where they came from.  I guess this is the modern-day equivalent of a slide show, yes?  Here’s wishing you and your dad an early Happy Father’s Day!

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

P.S. Fathers at Christmas Place on June 19th will receive a free cookie & soft drink at Mrs. Claus’ Candy Kitchen.

Memorial Day Tent Sale @ Christmas Place

Tent Sale!  Friday through Monday, in our courtyard!  We’re getting on the holiday weekend sale train with our own start-the-summer-right sale .. ornaments, floral stems, ribbons, decorations, gifts, bits, bobs, and et cetera – a fabulous collection of bargains for the buying.  Don’t miss out!

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

Please Come to Our Party!

The Incredible Christmas Place turns 25 this year!  Yes, it was 1986 when we first opened our doors here on the parkway in Pigeon Forge – back when it was just a wide place in the road between Sevierville & Gatlinburg.  How we and the city have grown together since then .. and how many warm and wonderful memories have been made by thousands of families visiting Christmas Place over the years.  {We hope your family is among them!}

The Biggs, Barnes & Rodriguez families along with all the associates here at Christmas Place would love to have you join us for a grand birthday & reopening party on Wednesday, June 15th.   We have lots of fun and surprises planned for our favorite kids of all ages – this means you!  Free games, crafts, and food, a special sleigh for taking pictures with Santa & Mrs. Claus, area entertainers, and special offers from all three of our properties will make this an unforgettable day – another memory to last a lifetime.

For a complete listing of the scheduled activities for the day, click on the flyer above.  Too bad the city won’t let us put the big search light on the corner ~ we’re that excited to welcome you to the party!

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

P.S. Be sure to check out the 25th Anniversary Package from The Inn at Christmas Place, and our latest menus at The Partridge & Pear Restaurant.

What’s New? A Lot!

When you come to the store for you next visit, you may not recognize us – except for all the beauty, of course!  We’ve got that and are adding more every day .. but the elves have been so busy this winter & spring rearranging, it’s like a new store!

Just a teaser of a couple of pictures to start things off .. here’s my new favorite tree in its “naked” state:

Have you ever seen one this white and lush?  When you come, it will be transformed into an undersea vision of Christmas!

Over in Department 56, we’re getting in lots of new products as well.  Here’s one tiny peek into how the process begins when we rebuild a display from the ground up.

Lots of possibilities.  Does it fill you with anticipation to see the finished display??  I think this is the new home of North Pole Village.

Here’s another favorite of mine – the Winters Frost collection.

Look at how our designer, Kristy, has amplified the cool factor by filling a crackled glass urn with icy white lights and using it as the base for a house.  She did it again in this scene for the new Snowbabies “SnowDream” collection – Snowbabies highlighted with vintage silver glitter.  A  mirror framed in silver and used as a table top reflects the sparkle and brilliance of these figurines, and two votive candle holders turned on end display a couple of charming Snowbabies at different heights so each is a standout – copy this trick at home!

Here are a few more SnowDream pieces displayed on glass bricks (hmmm, we just pulled several of these bricks from a house- now I know why we need to keep them around!).  I love the Dream Glitter House, Barn, & Church accessory sets – each set includes a building, one tree, and an accessory figurine.

I’d better not show much more until the designers are finished with their handiwork – the final displays will be brilliant, though, I predict!  Next week I’ll show some pictures of Santa’s newly redecorated performance stage, including the animated reindeer flying overhead.  The kids will be enchanted!

Happy Collecting!

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

April Elf of the Month

Congratulations to Christine DeBlase!  Our April 2011 Elf works primarily in the warehouse, keeping the Christmas goodies flowing through the receiving and distribution process.  You’ll also find her working in the store, especially during our busy season.


Thanks for your committment and outstanding contributions to the team!

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

Sultry Spring

This week, as the temperature has shot up to 90 degrees for a few days, the sweet scent of honeysuckle has filled the air on my drive home along the back roads and even on the highways – reminding me that this is one of my favorite times of year!   The humidity intensifies the effect, and I find myself slowing down to drive with windows open and breathe in the heavenly aroma.

This year, I’ve found the vine growing at the back of my property under the big pine tree – one perk to alleviate the pain of mowing.  BTW, my blueberry bush is loaded with ripening berries – keep the rain coming and I’ll have another good crop this year – anticipation of cobblers & ice cream to come.

In that heavenly, honeysuckle frame of mind, I found this beautiful mouth-blown glass “Tree of Enchantment” ball here in the store – about 5-1/2″ in diamater, I cannot do the luminous colors justice with my camera.  The artist has created a tree trunk in the center of the ball and colorful petals all around the top – it will look spectacular hanging in a sunny window, and is sturdy enough to display outside in the garden.  Give us a call at 800-445-3396, ext 144, to order one – it comes in fall & winter colors, too. 

Then, since I love pink and I love glitter, my eyes caught this beautiful pink dogwood spray!  I know the real things are gone til next year, but a spray of these in a spring wreath – lovely.  And they’re on a fantastic sale right now, too.

It’s not summer for two more weeks, no matter what tale the thermometer has been telling – let’s enjoy the rest of this sweet, sultry spring!

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

Elf of the Month

Aack!  I’m really behind!  In fact, I got a photo of the April Elf before I even got one of the March Elf!

Okay, enough exclamation points, here is our March Elf of the Month:  may I introduce to you .. drum roll ..

Flo Minkevich

Flo is one of our {many} extraordinary sales associates here at Christmas Place, and she really kept us going over the winter.  She’s our Buyers Choice carolers expert (it’s just been a Buyers Choice kind of day, I guess!).  Flo falls into the “real sweetheart” category, and we love having her on the team.  Please congratulate her next time you’re in the store.

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

P.S. Did I mention how thorough she is with the vacuum?  She even vacuums the staircases!

Letters to Santa

A very practical young man ..

“Dear Santa,

Why do you always go down the chimney?  Why don’t you use the door?

Love, Kenan”


I wonder if this new figurine from Byers’ Choice would consider using the door instead?  This clever collectible features a “The Night Before Christmas” placard on the chimney front.  As your perk for pre-ordering the newest releases from Byers’ Choice, which won’t be shipped until later this summer, we’ll waive the shipping cost!

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

P.S. Bob Byers, Jr. will be at Christmas Place this November for a caroler signing!  We’ll soon be sharing more details, but go ahead and circle November 13th & 14th on your calendar.