Elf of the Month

This being Santa’s southern home, all our associates are, quite naturally, elves.. what, you thought we were humans??  Silly you!

Anyway, each month, we recognize an elf for his or her outstanding elfish efforts here at Christmas Place – for having an extra helping of fun and thinking outside the workshop – our Elf of the Month.  For January, we picked Rhonda Curl, the lead of our design & decor team.  Well, Rhonda just would not let me take her picture alone – she insisted that all the elves on her team join her, saying she’s only as good as they all are together.  And that’s why we picked Rhonda!

Here’s the whole team, including the table top crew, our floral designers, and their stock experts.  Every member of the team helps make our store more beautiful every season.

So, that’s Wendy, Betsy, Dori, Prissy, Whitney, Jennifer, Rhonda, Beth, John, Misty, and Ginger.  Here’s a big shout-out to the team!  Keep up the elf work!

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

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