March Madness

I know for some people that means basketball, and you know who you are, and you know the tournaments are waaaaay toooooo loooooong.  Seriously.  Even if we do carry an ornament of Santa playing basketball.  And we need college football tournaments!

For the rest of us, it means spring is coming, and daffodils are blooming (even as the snow is falling!), and we’re dreaming of Spring Break, wherein we take our sad, pale selves to places where the sun is shining all day long and there might even be occasions to break a little sweat while sitting perfectly still for long periods of time.

Today, it also means going after a little bit of Irish fun!  Wait, I have to say “a little bit o’ Irish fun”, don’t I?  We’ve just added a new theme to our site, and you’ll enjoy checking it out. 

That really is the cutest little Charming Tails mouse!  And I love all that fresh green stuff – it just perks up the whole day.  And just this morning, in a pure coincidence of the most unvarnished kind, I heard the Celtic Yuletide cd playing in the store, and even though it is March I hunted it down and am purchasing a copy for myself.  So this is a really good theme, I tell ya.  And I’m Irish.  I should know.

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

P.S. I also know that we need a national collegiate football playoff.

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