How to Move a 7-1/2′ Decorated Christmas Tree.

1.  It takes three people.  They don’t have to be bruisers.  They can be petite young women.

2.  Tip the tree towards Mover #1.  Mover #2 grabs the trunk in the middle.  Mover #3 grabs the base.

3.  Pick up tree.  Distribute movers for good balance.  Start moving (together) in the direction you want to go.

4.  Set tree down on base and tip into upright position.

5.  It helps to have someone following along behind, picking up the bits & bobs that fall off.  In our case, things are attached so securely to the tree that I only had to pick up four items…

Many of our visitors are going to see trees they’ve never seen before when they come this year, thanks to all the creative moving & shaking going on!

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

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