We’re on the move!

No, we’re not leaving the building – but we’re moving all around the store!  Who knew we even had this much floor space?  And who decided to play twister with all the trees???  I can’t wait to see everything in place for the season, and all the new items that will be filling trees and baskets and bins.  Til then, take a look – ohp – those two trees just moved again .. sorry!

New Silver & Crystal Gallery at the Front Doors

One of your favorites, the cardinal tree, is on the other side of the front doors. You’ll have fun discovering a whole new layout when you come this year – in the mean time, staff is having fun rediscovering themes we thought we had missed.

Check out the gianormous butterfly I found on a tree back in the corner – amazing!  Its over 3′ across.  We used two on the tree, one on each side – just beautiful.  (The green orb-y looking thing is a glass ornament – no, not a giant froggy eyeball peeking out!)

You know how I love the glitter & glam – found these handsome sparkling winter gentlemen in the same gold and white corner:

I also found this shiver of Snowmen keeping it frigid – but with such a warm message on their little bellies, who could resist!

What’s your favorite tree theme?  Bet we have it!

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

P.S.  You know, this was supposed to be a Two for Tuesday, but I got behind.  And then today it should be a Food for Friday, but again .. how about a couple of pictures of the scrumptious Turkey Pot Pie, Christmas Salad, & California Cheesecake from the restaurant instead.  Will that hold you over til next Friday?

Yes, I just did that to you!!  Happy Weekend!

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