President’s Day & Spring Fever Sales!

Starting today, we’ve officially got spring fever around here .. chalk it up to a full week of sunshine and temperatures teasing up towards .. yes, I’m going to say it, 70 degrees!   There may still be snow on the mountain tops, but spring is definitely knocking on the door.

In honor of the notion of “spring” that’s just out of site on the next calendar page, we’re starting two sales today, both in the store and on-line.

Ornaments & Rolls of Ribbon

Buy 3 ~ Get a 4th Free!

(of equal or lesser value)

See, I even used a bright color – we really mean spring business!

Blue Bird of Spring Happiness!

.. reminding you of puppies romping on fresh, green grass!

Take an Additional 25% Off

Clearance Merchandise!

And, as you can imagine, we have plenty of clearance – need to make room for all the new 2011 decor and gifts that’s already on its way to us.

Sales are for a limited time, so come on in while the shopping is good ~ I am reminding you that we have lots more in the store than we have on-line just yet.  All our trees have been moved from here to over there, and next week the redecorating begins.  I’ll tell you what’s happening in the Candy Kitchen next week – all fresh & new this year.

See you real soon!

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

How to Move a 7-1/2′ Decorated Christmas Tree.

1.  It takes three people.  They don’t have to be bruisers.  They can be petite young women.

2.  Tip the tree towards Mover #1.  Mover #2 grabs the trunk in the middle.  Mover #3 grabs the base.

3.  Pick up tree.  Distribute movers for good balance.  Start moving (together) in the direction you want to go.

4.  Set tree down on base and tip into upright position.

5.  It helps to have someone following along behind, picking up the bits & bobs that fall off.  In our case, things are attached so securely to the tree that I only had to pick up four items…

Many of our visitors are going to see trees they’ve never seen before when they come this year, thanks to all the creative moving & shaking going on!

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

We’re on the move!

No, we’re not leaving the building – but we’re moving all around the store!  Who knew we even had this much floor space?  And who decided to play twister with all the trees???  I can’t wait to see everything in place for the season, and all the new items that will be filling trees and baskets and bins.  Til then, take a look – ohp – those two trees just moved again .. sorry!

New Silver & Crystal Gallery at the Front Doors

One of your favorites, the cardinal tree, is on the other side of the front doors. You’ll have fun discovering a whole new layout when you come this year – in the mean time, staff is having fun rediscovering themes we thought we had missed.

Check out the gianormous butterfly I found on a tree back in the corner – amazing!  Its over 3′ across.  We used two on the tree, one on each side – just beautiful.  (The green orb-y looking thing is a glass ornament – no, not a giant froggy eyeball peeking out!)

You know how I love the glitter & glam – found these handsome sparkling winter gentlemen in the same gold and white corner:

I also found this shiver of Snowmen keeping it frigid – but with such a warm message on their little bellies, who could resist!

What’s your favorite tree theme?  Bet we have it!

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

P.S.  You know, this was supposed to be a Two for Tuesday, but I got behind.  And then today it should be a Food for Friday, but again .. how about a couple of pictures of the scrumptious Turkey Pot Pie, Christmas Salad, & California Cheesecake from the restaurant instead.  Will that hold you over til next Friday?

Yes, I just did that to you!!  Happy Weekend!