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I’m so excited to introduce my first guest author, Chef Aaron Ward from The Partridge & Pear Restaurant.  I’m looking forward to hearing about food, cooking, and presentation from the perspective of the professional ~ and he’s a really fun guy, too!

Chef Aaron Ward

Take it away, Chef Aaron…

Another busy season in the books! Now it’s time to rekindle the culinary fire and prepare for the first full season at the Partridge and Pear.

Having lived and worked here in the Smoky Mountains most of my life, I was prepared for the drastic drop in business that always follows the New Year’s Eve parties, and after a much-needed week of lying around the house I am beginning to get that feeling again!  The feeling that is only shared between professional cooks and rock stars!  It’s like reaching the point of burnt saturation, worn thin from the repetitive nature of the beast.  Bam, it’s over! Now what?

Then, as it happens every year, Valenine’s Day rolls around and we kick off the fast-approaching season, usually with beef tenderloin and possibly lobster tails!  And I get paid for this?  C’mon!

All right men, listen up.  To have a successful evening you must always start with a great meal!  Let’s say shrimp cocktail, a crisp salad of winter greens and passion fruit, the previously mentioned filet and lobster, followed by a champagne toast with chocolate dipped strawberries.

My job is done here.

For Valentine’s Day reservations call 865.868.0575,  toll-free at 800.917.4263

Chef Aaron

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