And more snow ..

We’re starting 2011 just like we ended 2010, in a blast of white.  Here are a few pics from around our block.

Last night, it was as if we were existing inside a giant snowglobe that someone had given a good shake – the flakes were falling straight down, thick and beautiful .. and fast.

Here’s an interesting image – can you see the ghost tree in the background through the flashing snowflakes?  Taken in my driveway last night.

Here’s the adjusted image – the tree is not really floating in air!

This morning, every twig and branch and blade and stone was coated in a thick layer of frosting – I’m sure the world would have been twinkling quite grandly had the sun decided to rise with us.  It slept in ..

(Pay no attention to the branches still on the ground from the last storm ..)

Frosty Caroler

I wish I could capture in pixels (yes, I started to type “on film”, then had to stop and think about it) the lights glowing on those trees under the snow – trust me, it’s gorgeous and wintery and lovely!  Now here’s me being all interesting and artsy with the camera.  Amazing, I know.

Snow on rocks

Snow on orange bush

Snow on evergreen

At least I didn’t have to walk too far to capture this triptych in the snow.  What a wonderful day to stay by the fire with a mug of hot chocolate.  More white flakes on the way tonight and through the weekend.

This Saturday through next Saturday, it’s time for the 21st Annual Wilderness Wildlife Week, check the details here.  Photography exhibits, classes, hiking & field trips – it’s an amazing time both to explore firsthand and to learn from experts about the variety and beauty of the mountain habitat we share here in the Smokies.

Stay warm!

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

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