Gingerbread Time!

Do you any of you make .. and then eat .. gingerbread houses at Christmas time?  I’ve always wondered, because I didn’t grow up in a gingerbread house family, and no one has ever offered me a piece of their gingerbread house at a party.  It seems like a tradition that needs to be passed down through the generations.

Patty, our team lead at Mrs. Claus’ Candy Kitchen, began working in food services at the age of 13 thanks to her father, a master baker.  She has been making and showing gingerbread houses competitively since she was sixteen.  She earned a degree in culinary arts at McComb Community College in Michigan, and has continued a life of learning as she follows her passion for food.  Her career has led her into many areas of food preparation, but baking & candy making are her true loves!  In 2008, Patty won Chef’s Choice Honorable Mention in the National Gingerbread Contest, the last year she entered.

This year, she entered a gingerbread lighthouse in the Gatlinburg Festival of Trees competition, and earned second place in the amateur division.  She won First Place in the People’s Choice category for her fantastic lighthouse creation!

We’ve been happy to have Patty cooking for us since 2000, and she is our head candy maker – she loves coming up with new fudge flavors and candies for us to enjoy!

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

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