Letters to Santa

“Dear Santa, I really don’t want anything, because I have all I need right where I am.  I get to go everywhere I want, I really have a loving family.  I love them too, but my wish is to wish everyone else a Merry Christmas! (and it’s my birthday, October 2nd.)
“P.S.  Merry Christmas Santa Claus
“P.S.S.  I’ll always believe in you”

~ Jessie B.

“Hey fake Santa, listen, my mom told me about Santa 4 years ago, that he is dead, but I think it is nice of you to be Santa.  I guess you like to see their smiles.
“P.S. It is great writing you again.
“P.P.S. Sorry my writing is sloppy, I am in the bathroom writing this.”

Love, B

Okay, so, I’m thinking that even Briley is still a true believer at heart, aren’t you?!  (and she’s going to get a letter from Santa this year!)

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

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