Two for Tuesday

We have some new friends in the store this year, and I think you might like to meet them…

First, well, you’ve probably already met the big guy ..

Santa & Roy

 .. but that Roy is quite the charmer!  Roy is joined by ..

Albert & Jimmy

 .. clearly Albert is none to happy about Jimmy choosing his magnificent antlers for a nap! (Elf sold separately.)

And there’s just something about Bob ..

Bob & Mikey

The elves find him irresistible, too, even with that big nose – at least his doesn’t glow in the dark!  Looks like Mikey is hitching a ride back to the north pole. (Elf sold separately.)

I found another Santa sitting in the breezeway yesterday, just waiting for a friend.  Could you be the one?

Santa's waiting for you!

I have seen a few smaller versions of these very funny reindeer around the store, so if whimsy is your theme, come by and check them out!

And now, from Really Big Decorations to a collection I think would be a perfect stocking stuffer ~ you might want to buy one of each and keep them around for occasions when you just want one little gift for someone special. These porcelain plaques are about 5″ square (the larger one is 5″ x 6.5″) and have two brass hangers securely attached to the back.  They come with the velvet bows you see here, and retail for only $11.99, a great value!

There are several more styles, these three just happen to be my favorites!  I love the dimensionality they have – the letters and decorations are raised, and the colors are rich and elegant.

Only 92 days til Christmas, and we are starting to feel the excitement!  Don’t forget about all the artists coming to visit the store over the next three months – check out the list here.  We’ve just added performances by a local seniors choir and a high school handbell choir, both of which are quite excellent.

~Janet @ The Christmas Place



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