Two for Tuesday

I found some really beautiful things to show this week – more items than I can do at one time!

I’m still in a fall frame of mind, and these real leaf ornaments practically jumped off the display at me (and out popped my wallet at the same time, coincidentally!).  The 24K gold and iridescent copper finishes on these leaves are beautiful and eye-catching.  No need to use these ornaments only on your woodland Christmas tree; they will add a real touch of class to your décor year round.

“Christmas Tree Lane” is filling up with new trees for the season, including one that looks like a peppermint tree – my photos didn’t turn out as well as I had hoped, so I’ll try again next week.  In the mean time, enjoy these cute 3′ flocked trees in pink, green, and gold.  They are really charming – perfect for an alcove or a child’s room.

 When I linked the photo to our site, I noticed the color is sherbet, and it’s on special!  Here’s a picture without the flash.

Here are the green and gold versions.

And without flash:

And with some ornaments – these can take a 3- or 4-inch ball:

Finally, do you love the old-fashioned look of popcorn garland on the tree, but find it hard to keep the pets – and the people – from nibbling during the holidays?  We have a new garland made from real popcorn but coated to preserve it from season to season!  I handled this, and believe me, it’s not something that tempts one to nibble – though it has no odor at all.  You just need to store it securely in an airtight container to keep the varmints out – they recommend in a freezer between holidays.  Sturdy hooks on each end make it super easy to string through the tree or on a banister or mantle.

Real Popcorn Garland

The only thing missing is the unpopped kernels in the bottom of the bag!

Look for more decorated tree pictures in the weeks to come, as we’ve been completing our 2010 designs and I’ve been taking pictures.

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

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