Tax Holiday Weekend in Tennessee

I remember Augusts past, when I so looked forward to having that brand new, big, pink eraser, a fresh box of No. 2 pencils to sharpen, and a handful of blue Bic pens with un-chewed caps to take to school on that first day in a new grade level.

Yes, it’s time already to prepare for the return to school days!  Here in Tennessee, it’s a tax-free weekend for select items, and we actually carry lots of things at the store that qualify. 

This is the best time to pick out your new backpack or laptop bag from Vera Bradley ~ not only do we have the newest colors in stock in the latest bag designs, we also have a few retired patterns and styles on sale.  Here are several examples of backpacks, computer bags, and lunch bags that qualify for tax exemption ~ but we have even more than I can show here.  First, the newest colors:

Very Berry Paisley, Barcelona, Hello Dahlia, & Slate Blooms

Slate Blooms Laptop Backpack

Very Berry Paisley Metropolitan Laptop Bag
Small Backpack in Barcelona ~ & lots of other patterns!
Vera Bradley has a collection called Frill, produced in laminated fabric for easy care and durability.  Seems like a great idea to me, especially for a lunch bag!  Here are two styles, the new Cooler and Lunch Bunch bags.
Cooler Lunch Bag in Hello Dahlia & Night and Day

Lunch Bunch Bag in Barcelona, Hello Dahlia, & Very Berry Paisley (they reinterpreted the colors for these bags)

Frill Lylas Backpack

 This one looks like it would be virtually indestructible, and so easy to clean after being dragged around school all day.

We are also carrying a whole collection of coordinated binders, folders, notebooks, pens & pencils, and other supplies from the Vera Bradley line.

In our stores, we also offer plenty of fun t-shirts, cool shoes with interchangeable decorations that Velcro or snap into place, and more pens & pencils for back-to-school use.

While you’re out shopping for school this weekend, be sure to come by and add a little color to your fall!

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

P.S.  Yes, I had to use that word fall!  Just saying it makes me think it will be cooler again one day ..

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