Restaurant Update

I know already, your first question is, do we have an opening date?  As of the time I am writing this, we do not – but it should happen in the next week or so – we’re so very anxious and excited to welcome you to dinner with us!

Here we are, looking all planted and new-pavementy!  We’re looking just as pretty on the inside, now that the plastic is off the carpeting.  (.. just giggling about the sticky notes on the restroom doors for girls & boys ..)

In the mean time .. well, staff have been enjoying the fruits of the kitchen’s labor.  The owners have very generously been using us as test diners, and we have graciously agreed to subject ourselves to all the wonderful tastes coming out of that kitchen.  I am personally staking a claim to the pear & gorgonzola vinaigrette dressing, creamed corn, and pear cheesecake.  And pretty much everything else they cook.

Lessons with Chef Aaron

 Out of this unique, custom-painted Santa mixer are coming the most delicious concoctions, I tell you! 

Santa Mixer

Of course, the table would not normally be covered with so many dishes at one time, but remember, we’re trying everything they are sending out.

This cake is so good, I might even consider sharing it with someone really special .. if they were being exceptionally good that day.  Or if they were sharing their Manadarin Orange Cake with me.

So, what are you having for dinner tonight??  Stay tuned!

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

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