The Partridge & Pear Restaurant Update

We have sidewalks!  Okay, so we don’t get to use them just yet, but aren’t they lovely?

The copper roof is already taking on a wonderful patina, too.

Inside the great hall, where you’ll wait to be seated, 7 magnificent rafters have been installed – they are still under wraps, but you can get an idea of their beauty just from the shape.

Still some work to be done on the fireplace, and hopefully that red construction rig will be out of sight by the time we open next month ..

Have you been to The Partridge & Pear Restaurant web site yet?  We’re still working up content, but we hope you’ll bookmark the site for future visits.  We’ll have staff introductions, a menu outline, and food photos before long ~ just to get your mouth watering a little.

Pictures of chandeliers tomorrow!

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

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