And the light was good!

Each dining room in The Partridge & Pear Restaurant is unique, as I’ve already shown you, and the design team has chosen some really beautiful light fixtures to complement each one.  Here are four samples.

The Angel Dining Room chandelier still has a little bit of protective padding in place, but the delicate leaves around the center evoke an ethereal grace, and the red glass accents are grand and elegant.

The intricate, ornate shape of the bronze fittings and plenty of sparkling crystals on the two chandeliers in the Bavarian Dining Room will remind you of a candelabra in a gracefull banquet hall.

This is my favorite!  From the Nutcracker Dining Room ~ it just has such a sense of whimsy and fun about it!  I love the little lamp shades that remind me of a drum, and the crystal drops with one large reflecting ball in the middle.

Casting an intricate pattern of light on the delicate pear orchard ceiling mural, the chandeliers in the Conservatory Dining Room are ornate, wrought iron, reproduction bird cages.  What a clever idea!  These are delicately painted in shades that compliment the space, and their structural elements are a great pairing with the bead-board paneling in the room.  ( I have to admit, I think of this as The Room for Ladies with Gift Bags.  If you’re planning a party for the girls, this is the space to request!)

This morning, I snapped a quick picture of the newly-hung chandeliers in the Great Hall ~ I was so quick, in fact, that I clipped off the bottom of the light!  I’ll have to go back for another picture.  The plastic is off the rafters, and they are as beautiful as promised!

As the wraps are already off these beautiful lights while sawing and finishing is ongoing throughout the restaurant, I’m wondering what poor soul is going to be conscripted into dusting and polishing each of these fixtures in the days before opening .. ?  Chef??

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

Christmas in July at The Inn at Christmas Place

Here’s our shiny new events calendar for our second annual Christmas in July Celebration at The Inn at Christmas Place!  We’ve lined up thirty-one days of activities for our guests.  We had so much fun with this last year that we just had to do it again. 

Now, these events are open only to our hotel guests, so if there is something you and your family would particularly enjoy, you’d better book your room now.

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

The Partridge & Pear Restaurant Update

We have sidewalks!  Okay, so we don’t get to use them just yet, but aren’t they lovely?

The copper roof is already taking on a wonderful patina, too.

Inside the great hall, where you’ll wait to be seated, 7 magnificent rafters have been installed – they are still under wraps, but you can get an idea of their beauty just from the shape.

Still some work to be done on the fireplace, and hopefully that red construction rig will be out of sight by the time we open next month ..

Have you been to The Partridge & Pear Restaurant web site yet?  We’re still working up content, but we hope you’ll bookmark the site for future visits.  We’ll have staff introductions, a menu outline, and food photos before long ~ just to get your mouth watering a little.

Pictures of chandeliers tomorrow!

~Janet @ The Christmas Place