Restaurant Payback ~ I mean UPdate!

I hope there was some amusing April Foolery around your workplace yesterday .. we had a nice round of it here, culminating in the chef’s vehicle being carefully preserved for him this morning on the job site .. isn’t this the latest in impervious clear-coating available on the market??  (No extra charge for the bow ~ it was a gift-with-purchase deal.)

He was complaining about driving to work with wet hair and no roof .. this should be a real help.  It’s also what you get when you try to scam the site foreman out of $10K for planting crab apples in needy neighborhoods .. you know who you are.

There is actual work being done on the site, too ~ the stonework is being installed today on the exterior walls and chimneys.

Inside, hand painted wall and ceiling murals and borders are taking shape.

Woodwork details are also being installed throughout the restaurant, as you can see in this ceiling shot.  Chef Aaron is very happy with the stainless steel installations in the kitchen, but I’m not sure how to take an interesting photo of a wall of silver – which side is up?

More to come!

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

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