Restaurant Update

We have a copper roof!  Check out the beautiful installation on the tower of The Partridge & Pear Restaurant ~ as it develops that lovely green, aged patina, it is going to be even more spectacular.

I can’t wait to see the stonework go up next on the outside of the grand chimney and tower stacks.  It is really going to look like the drawing!

Work continues on the inside, too ~ here’s the gold-leafed tray ceiling in the Nutcracker dining room.  This room, which is styled for family dining, may be reserved for private functions as well, and will seat 12 to 14 diners.

The walls have been faux-finished in the main dining room and a hand-painted border is coming to life.  I didn’t want to flash on the artist at work, but here’s a snippet of the stylized leaf-and-berry pattern she’s designed.

The large Bavarian Room has its own fireplace, and, judging by the fireplaces at The Inn, I know our carpenters will be installing an amazing mantel and surround.  This room may be reserved for private functions, and will seat between 45 and 55 people, depending on how it is staged.

Here’s a slightly fuzzy picture of the grand hall!  The light really streams into the space during morning hours.  The hall serves as a waiting area, and guests will be able to relax on comfortable couches by the fire or at a window seat, enjoying a glass of wine or other beverages while waiting to be seated for lunch or dinner.

Finally, the Conservatory ~ I think this might be my favorite room just because of the windows!  This dining room will have an indoor gardens feel,  and may also be reserved for private functions.  It will seat up to 30 people.  I can see a lot of birthday and bridal and baby shower parties happening here!  My pictures were taken at about 10:00 a.m., so this room is going to host some wonderful, sunny lunches.

 I don’t know if I’ve yet mentioned that we’re also restructuring the parking lot to incorporate a drive-up and drop-off traffic pattern.  There will be a new walkway across to Christmas Place as well.  In case you missed it on Wednesday, the courtyard was THIS beautiful!

 I enjoyed my Mrs. Claus’ Candy Kitchen specialty, chicken salad sandwich, under an umbrella, and the scent of these blooms was heavenly, with the warm sun on my back and the sights and sounds of birds chirping from the holly trees.  We’re expecting another day like this on Saturday .. you won’t want to miss it!

Speaking of lunch .. when you come to eat with us this summer, please accept my recommendation:  be sure to order our Waldorf Salad.  Chef served it to us at the Christmas party, and it was fantastic.  It is made with pears and either cranberries or tart cherries, and I can hardly describe how delicious his unique dressing is as a finish.  Just, WOW!  You’ll have to try it.

Can’t wait to have you join us for lunch or dinner in a couple of months!

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

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