Two for Tuesday

Okay, this will mark two weeks in a row when I actually do have just TWO pictures for you!  I can’t help getting carried away when I find such fabulous stuff in the store, but I’m trying to mend my ways and keep it quick.

I even found a theme this week – cute piggies!

We’ve just added a new collectible line of hillbillies that can definitely be called, without exaggeration, a scream!  No, we don’t mind poking a little fun at ourselves here in East Tennessee.  Most stereotypes are earned, don’t you know.  Check out the crazy mad hair on these characters!  The lad in front is holding a cob of corn on a fishing pole in front of the pig to keep it moving.

Hillbilly School Bus

Other figurines in the line include an homage to moonshiners,  a hillbilly wedding pair, the hillbilly tractor that’s really a family affair, and a commemoration of plumbers that spells out the situation for you .. you’ll have to come see for yourself, I don’t think I can show it here. 

Continuing the cute piggy plan, a figurine from Charming Tails in the form of a pull-toy piggie with a couple of passengers.  If you know a pig collector, this would be a great addition to their obsession.

Notice it even has a cute little mini-piggy charm on the back!  What could be sweeter?

So much pink cuteness!

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

P.S.  Spring Break hours here at the store now, 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. all week long.

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