Food for Friday

So, earlier this week our complex manager and January’s employee of the month, Diana, not to mention any names or anything, asked for a recipe with five ingredients or less!  Apparently, she’s a little tired when she gets home from managing the staff and guests for this whole place, go figure ..  So I thought for sure I’d find one of those 5-ingredients cookbooks down in Mrs. Claus’ Parlor ~ but no luck.

Luckily, I found Fast-Fix Meals from Gooseberry Patch, so problem solved.  From “Sizzling Skillets” to “Simmering Soup Pots,” “Dinner on a Bun,” and even “Desserts in a Jiffy,” this volume has got you covered.  Some of the recipes list more than five ingredients, but they all promise to go from refrigerator to table top, passing through appropriate appliances along the way, in 30 minutes or less.  (Try Grandma Goldie’s Sketti  or Husband-Pleasin’ Dirty Rice” for a couple of quick choices!)

Here’s one that should be served with hot buttered rolls and some wicked-good coleslaw that a friend of mine makes – one day I’ll get that recipe!  One day!

Connie’s Skillet Meatloaf

2 lbs lean ground beef
2 eggs, beaten
1 sleeve saltine crackers, crushed
1 potato, peeled and shredded
1 carrot, peeled and shredded
15-oz can tomato sauce, divided

Mix all ingredients together, reserving half the tomato sauce.  Pat into a lightly greased electric skillet.  Pour reserved sauce over meatloaf.  Cook, uncovered, for 10 minutes at 350 degrees; cover and simmer an additional 15 to 25 minutes.  Or, simply pat into a greased skillet and cook on the stovetop over medium heat, as directed.  Serves 6.

Okay, so you’ve already counted and you know that it has 6 ingredients, not five.  I think that, since 2 of the ingredients require no preparation at all (crackers & sauce), this should not count against me.  I think I can rationalize away this problem of the extra ingredient!  I think she’ll be too tired, she just won’t notice.  I think I’ll shut up now.

If the workday or work week leaves you a little short on energy for dinner preparation, this is the cookbook for you – proven family recipes that are a snap to assemble and yield delicious results.  Remember, it’s usually the case that the freshest ingredients prepared in the simplest way give the best outcome.

The sun is still shining here in East Tennessee – no more snow (until Sunday morning, maybe…).  I’m going out to enjoy the afternoon – hope you do, too!

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

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