Ornament Sale!

It’s back!  Once again, we’re offering our Buy-3-Get-the-4th-Free ornament sale at Christmas Place – both in the store and on our shopping site.  Use the link above to start shopping now – everything in this category is included in the sale – about 1,600 items, even ornament display stands.

Right now, there are NO exclusions!  Every ornament in the store is included.  We count ornaments as anything with a string or a hook on the top that can be hung in a Christmas tree.  (Believe me, we had several debates on this!)  We also count birds that have clips on the bottom to attach to a tree limb.  You’ll see the wide variety of items as you page through your choices.

If you buy a pre-packed set of 3 or 4 or a dozen ornaments, that counts as one item and you need to buy 2 more to get your free fourth set. 

You can mix and match between ornaments, too.  Many of them are also on sale; in each case, the lowest price ornament will be the free ornament, if your choices have different prices.

Why are you still reading this??  Don’t you know how many pages of ornaments you have to be looking through already?

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

P.S.  Next time you come to the store, ask if you can try out one of the new double-decker shopping carts we’re testing this winter.

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