Christmas Village Display

Do you go all-out with your lighted Village display at Christmas time?  Why else would you collect the houses if you didn’t intend to enjoy them yourself and show them off during the holidays ~ or any time of year? 

One of our long time associates here at Christmas Place, Miss Phyllis, brought in photos of her own Village collection as displayed in her home last year.  The display reaches almost to the top of her window frame, and includes an elevated mountain-scape above a train track.  She created the entire landscape herself, carving and painting the mountains, tunnel, and archways.  I think you’ll agree, she put together a really beautiful scene!

I think the skiers up at Whistler would be wishing for such snow-covered slopes!  I asked Phyllis if her family helps with this, and she says no, it is entirely her own project.  What a talented and creative lady she is. 

Thanks for sharing your photos and your inspiration with us, Phyllis!

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

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