Food for Football

Wait, that’s supposed to be Food for Friday ~ who am I kidding, I can think only of the Super Bowl and enjoying a victory!  You can guess that I’ll be wearing the blue and white on Sunday, but I wouldn’t be totally crushed to see the other team win at this point in their NFL existence.  (You’re right again, I’m not yet sure who my hosts for the game will be cheering, no point getting myself thrown out before the commercials even begin to roll ..) 

I plan to make my semi-famous chili ~ recently a friend asked me to try it with pinto beans instead of kidneys, and I think I will always use only pintos in this recipe from now on and forever.  They have a softer but still very pleasant texture, and blend wonderfully with the other ingredients – it’s my new favorite way to make this chili.   And the pintos are close in color to a Saints  gold.  (Oh, come on, just give me that one already!)

Last year I saw Paula Deen prepare a key lime pie, and that’s on my menu for Sunday, too.  She has a couple of pie recipes out there; my favorite is the one that calls for three egg yolks and baking the filling, not the unbaked version.  I expect I can achieve a pleasing Colts-blue coloration for that filling .. sadly, I am indeed likely to attempt that.  I know.  I know.  (Please don’t tell, but I’ll probably be using a pre-made crust, too.  Better and better.)

Okay, for those amoung you who want a real dining experience, I’ll point you to a wonderful story on NPR’s Morning Edition yesterday in which they offered recommendations from two real chefs.  Read or listen to the story here, and the recipes are posted as well.  Shrimp gumbo is really such a lovely dish .. but the roux has to be stirred for an hour, and then there’s more adding of ingredients and skimming for an hour, followed by simmering for an hour.  And plenty of prep and cooking even before that.  I’m afraid that, since I did not start the cooking process on Wednesday, I simply could not be finished by game time on Sunday (not even pre-game time – doesn’t that start at about midnight on Saturday??).  I just might be able to achieve the pork loin sandwich, but I don’t know much about frying things.

Here’s another option, I came across this post with recipes for seven healthy (and surely scrumptious) snack ideas for the game.  I was just a bit intimidated, though, when the first “healthy” snack called for a cup of mayonnaise and 4 ounces of cream cheese.  REally?  Well, they call themselves a clinic ..

Whether you watch the game or not, lay out a big spread or just enjoy some homemade salsa and chips, I hope you make the most of your weekend possibilities!

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

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