Two for Tuesday

Okay, I’ll just tell you how it is .. we have bits of snow still hanging around on the ground even after a day of sunshine followed by a day of rain .. and the truth is we are all wishing for more snow!  Not to keep us inside against our wills, but because it’s so pretty and it’s been so long since we had a good, snowy winter.  We were rooting for that groundhog to see his shadow, and our wish came true, but we’re holding out for the serious white stuff now.  When it comes, here’s what we plan to do:

Cherish the Moment

We can find a couple of evergreens and a hammock around here, not to worry!

Need I remind you that Valentine’s Day is just around the corner?  Here’s a very cute little guy who’d be happy to deliver a heartfelt message to your sweetie for you!

We’ll wish you sunny skies if you’ll wish us another round of white flakes ..

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

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