Two for Tuesday

Hey, it’s the first Two for Tuesday of the new year!  I guess really all this week it’s the first everything of the new year, of course, but I’m noting it anyway.  I’m sure this year I’ll sometimes have to share three or four or even seven or eight for Tuesday, but it’s all good, right?

Today is also National Bird Day, according to the “fun excuses to celebrate this month” calendar.   In fact, it’s quite a busy month.  Tomorrow is Cuddle Up Day, the 14th is National Dress Up Your Pet Day, the 23rd is Measure Your Feet Day, and the 31st is Backwards Day, just to name a few highlights.  Everyone better watch out on the 21st – National Hugging Day … if this cold weather continues, I plan to be an enthusiastic celebrant on that day … !

But I digress.  How about a few cute birds to get you in the appropriate mood today ~ and remind you to make sure the bird feeders are full, especially on these cold and snowy days.  Our feathered friends could really use our support this winter.

 Christmas birds and Snow birds – I’m so crazy about these guys, I’ve added about a dozen to my personal collection.  I’m planning on keeping them out until spring – they’re just so wacky and somehow adorable and cheerful when flocking together on a shelf.

Christmas Birds

Snow Birds

If you’re in the “I’m desperate for spring already!” crowd, here is a blooming trio that will warm your heart and hearth.

Think warm thoughts already if you must; I’m still enamored of winter, and anxious for a real East Tennessee snow and more time with my plush Snuggie.  Yes, I’ve gone to the Snuggie side!  But you need to get the one with the hand warmer pocket – it’s the best.

Happy 2010!  I’m looking forward to sharing Tuesdays with you this year.  If there’s anything you’d like me to highlight, just leave a comment and I’ll be sure to cover it.

Stay warm (or if you’re in a hot place somewhere today, be cool!),

~Janet @ The Christmas Place