Two for Tuesday

My coworker Laura saw me wandering around with the camera today, looking for my (belated) Two, and she suggested The. Greatest. Idea.  Take a look at this wonderful cookie platter (it should be on the site shortly):

The back of this plate is white, with lots of smooth surface.  Laura’s Greatest. Idea. is that you would purchase the plate and write your name and the date on the back in indelible ink, serve guests with it at your fabo Christmas party, then pass it along to a friend or family member.  They would add their name and the date to the back after using it at a party, and continue passing it on.  When all the space on the back has been used, return the plate to the person who started the chain.  What a great collection of memories will come back to you with this gift!  You see why I say it’s The. Greatest. Idea.

Now, another quick Two for ..

Super Bowl’s coming up .. anyone up for some Colts victory??  I searched our NFL collection, and found a Colts nutcracker, Christmas tree skirt, scoreboard clock, wreath, nightlight helmet, and snowman ornament, along with this animated Colts player looking awfully fierce up in here!

For the New Orleans Saints?  Well, I found this cute little ornament.

Eh.  Not so much.  Who knew we were such fans of the AFC here?!  As I’ve said before, I say again, Go Blue!

And have a great day out there!

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

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