Vera Bradley Spring 2010

I noticed on our reader board that the new Vera Bradley colors are in .. and surely they need to be shown off!  There are a few new bag profiles, too, including the “Alice” which has a metal clasp at the top; the “Emma” which features an outside, vertically-zippered pocket on each end; and the “Angle Tote,” a great shape and generous size, with shoulder-length handles.

Here is a selection of the spring colors and bags.

Sittin’ in a Tree:

Poppy Fields

Emma is pictured above, on the lower shelf.  Here’s the Alice:

Totally Turq

The new angle tote is on the right in the Totally Turq selection above.

Loves Me, a classic in hot pink and navy blue with white and orange accents:

I know a teen or two who would just love this one:

Loves Me Large Backpack

Don’t forget the laminated travel collection from Vera:

Give us a call at 800-445-3396, extension 122 (The Boutique) to order your favorites for spring!  Our local number is 865-453-0415.

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

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