Two for Tuesday

Actually this past Tuesday was more like twenty thousand than just two – it was our annual store inventory-taking exercise.  Hurrah for Two Guys Pizza and plenty of caffeinated beverages to help us make it through the day!

 With all that heavy lifting out of the way, a couple of little things seemed like more than enough for the day.

From Old World Christmas, this little mouse is one of the tiniest and cutest ornaments you’ll find around here, at just about an inch tall.  He should be settling down for a nap along with the rest of the household, but it looks like he’s up having a last bedtime snack.

Hard to figure, much as I enjoy chocolate and marshmallows, and graham crackers with a cup of hot tea, but I have never put them all together to make ‘smores.    It must be the fact that I just don’t do camping – leave the door open on the motel room, that’s close enough to overnighting in the great outdoors for me.  These little ‘Smores ornaments will have to do for me instead – here are a couple just made for winter.

We almost had enough snow last weekend to build a snowman in the courtyard .. but not quite.  Still keeping our fingers crossed for some more white stuff this winter.  (Okay, I may be the only one in the county hoping for more snow, I admit it!)

Have a warm week!

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

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