Congratulations to the Elf of the Year!

Other companies may content themselves with employees and associates, but here at Christmas Place you must know that Santa calls on a special kind of extraordinary helpers, and so we are privileged to work with a wonderful team of Elves.  We’ve been selecting an Elf of the Month throughout the year, and now we have an Elf of the Year, our assistant complex manager, Tanna Lowe.  

Congratulations Tanna! 


And a special mention of all our Elves of the Month in 2009: 

  • Betsy Chance, Floral Team, January
  • Cody Myers, Systems Team, February
  • Janice Vance, Guest Services Team, March
  • Ginger Lucas, Web Team, April
  • Stuart Maraschick, Stock Team, May
  • Wendi Parton, Floral Team, June
  • Betty Zybura, Purchasing Team, July
  • David Parker, Retail Team, August
  • Carol Mannari, Retail Team, September
  • Karen Heath, Human Resources Team, October
  • Teresa Hughes, Office Team, November
  • Tanna Lowe, Retail Team, December

ELF is a significant word for us around here, as it stands for three key principles by which we work together as a team: 

  • Empowerment – we are each empowered to help our guests and the team to the best of our abilities.
  • Leadership – both corporate and individual – we are the service and hospitality leaders in this community, and we are each leaders in our areas of responsibility every day.
  • Fun!  This is the icing on the Christmas cake, of course!  We love to laugh together, and to make sure that our guests get the most out of every visit to our store.

So congratulations to all our hardworking elves this year, and a huge thank you to all our guests in 2009 – it has been our pleasure to help you make this a most special Christmas and a very wonderful year. 

Now, who said something about cake? 

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

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