Letters to Santa

Dear Santa,
I’m an 11-year-old girl who really wants a hamster, and if you would, write a persuasive note to my parents to help me get one.  I love you, Santa!

Dear Santa,
Please don’t wear your gloves because they scare me.  I would like you to bring:
     1.  Dora Live
     2.  Little People Castle
P.S. Please leave our presents on the front porch and then knock because I don’t want a stranger in my house.

Dear Santa,
I want a guitar, Thomas the Train, and for me to get a new house.  Love you Dude!

Dear Santa,
For Christmas I would like everyone in the world to have a great Christmas.

Dear Santa,
I’m sorry I did not come up and talk to you.  I was scared.
                                                                     Love, Andrew

Dear Santa,
I don’t know what I want but you know.
                                                                       Love, Sierra

Dear Santa,
My name is Emma.  I would like to know if the Husky puppy that you are bringing me is growing .  Is Christmas going to be on time?  Have a good day.

Dear Santa,
My name is Maggie.  I am eleven years old.  Kids my age say you’re a fake.  I don’t think so.  What I would like for Christmas is my very own kitchen.  I like cooking.  Please let it be real.
                                                            Forever yours, Maggie

Dear Santa,
This is my Christmas list:  I would like a Hot Wheels, shark bite set, a charger for my Leapster 2.  I need a waterproof watch, my old one wasn’t.  I’ll make cookies and milk for you.

Dear Santa,
Hi Santa.  Can I have a giga ball for this Christmas.  I also want money.  P.S. A trained well monkey that is a girl and it does not bite!
                                                Your best friend, Miranda

Dear Santa,
My name is Kaleigh.  I am 6.  I have been good.  I want a big baby doll.  I love you.

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