Two for Tuesday

Tuesday – and, counting today, three more shopping days!  Are you ready?  I think I am … I have all the gifts … I just need to find time to wrap them and maybe find some creative ways to camouflage some of the more mundane requests I am tasked with filling.  Not to worry, the creative mind has come up with a great plan for that socket set!

Do you have a cookie jar-collector in the family?  I found a most grand selection for the kitchen counter – I think any cookie coming out of this jar must be the best-tasting cookie of the season!

Continuing in the theme of collections, who’s the Elvis collector on the family tree?  Their Christmas decorations will surely be incomplete without this fabulous pair of rhinestone-highlighted blue suede shoes ornamenting the tree!

Oh, yes, there is definitely room on the Christmas tree for Elvis!  (and really, is there a need to put them away after the holiday?  I think not.)

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

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