Letters to Santa

We receive many, many Letters to Santa at the store and the hotel every year.  Most are very cute, all are hopeful, and once in a while there is a letter or two that touches our hearts and reminds us of the true spirit of Christmas ~ family, and the promise of hope for the future.

Dear Santa,
    Please pray to God that my dad gets better, that’s all I want for Christmas.  I want us to spend more time together.
     Love, Sierra
P.S. He has chronic fatigue syndrome

Dear Santa,
     My cousin is 44 yrs old and is dying with cancer.  She recently lost her husband in a car accident, and remarried, when she was diagnosed with cancer.  She has 2 children who are 18 & 13.  They lost their father in an accident and now may lose their mother.  Please pray that God will heal her and that she can watch her children grow up!  Thank you so much!  This would be the greatest present I could ever receive!!  Time is running out but I know miracles still happen!!!

In this season of giving, often the greatest gift of all is time with the ones we love.

Have a blessed holiday.

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

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