Two for Tuesday

Everyone ~ guests and staff alike ~ in the store today is in such a festive mood now that Thanksgiving is here and Christmas is just weeks away!  It’s always a treat to see wonder and joy light up the littlest children’s faces as they look around at all our trees and decorations.  Sure hope you’ve had or will have the chance to stop by sometime this season to see for yourself.

This first Santa was found on my desk, of all places … He’s a woodland Santa, with a beautifully embroidered coat and a blanket of frosty snowflakes all over.  He has a hanger and is meant to be a tree decoration.  He has a snowman and an ice skating angel for his companions.

And here’s another special fellow ~ the Elegant Traditional Santa, appearing as an elf!  At 22″ tall, he’s very grand with his velvet leggings and sparkling wings – and pointed ears.  He is fully wired, so you can easily pose him to fly from the ceiling or perch in your Christmas tree or on a shelf or mantle.

Doesn’t he have the most magnificent footwear?!

It’s beginning to look a lot more like Christmas!

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

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