Gumdrop Tree

Have you got a sweet tooth, especially around Christmas?  Our tasty Gumdrop Tree should satisfy your cravings!

Gumdrop Christmas Tree

Gumdrop Christmas Tree

Gumdrop Tree 3

How about tucking a cute little story-telling bear into your Christmas tree?  Looks like Teddy drifts away for his long winter’s nap with a stuffed kitty to keep him company.

Gumdrop Tree 4

Our clever design team hot-glued tasty cupcake and gingerbread house ornaments to a cake stand and anchored that in another section of the tree.

Gumdrop Tree 5

The bright red and green fluted items in the tree are giant cupcakes!

Gumdrop Tree 6

Gumdrop Tree 7

Gumdrop Tree 8

Gumdrop Tree 9

They’ve used real candy in the tree too – the Whirly Pops and spiral candy cane will be enjoyed long after the holiday, no doubt.

Gumdrop Tree 10

A personal favorite of mine is the strands of pink and yellow popsicle lights woven through the tree.

When you’ve loaded all the goodies on the Christmas tree, add a Gumdrop Snowman to your decor as the finishing touch (well, except for all the packages, of course)!

Gumdrop Snowman

Now that’s a sweet extravaganza for Christmas!

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

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