Feathered Friends Tree 2009

It’s another flocked Christmas tree, this one decorated with all sorts of birds.  Some are quite realistic, others are more naturalistic, all are very beautiful.  The decoration on this tree was completed by our talented custom floral department.  Enjoy!

2010 Feathered Friends Bird Tree

2010 Feathered Friends Bird Tree

Bird tree 2

Did you notice the deer resting in the boughs of this Christmas tree?
Bird tree deer 2

Bird tree deer 3

My favorite, the adorable Snowy Owl!  Just above him to the right, notice the funny little birdy wearing a knit stocking cap.  He makes me giggle.

Bird tree snowy owl

Bird tree 4

Look at this frosty star – it looks like it was made of slivers of ice.

Bird tree star

Bird tree 5

One of my favorite vignettes in the tree, the snow-blanketed winter cabin.

Bird tree cabin

Magnolia blossoms and pheasant feathers mingle comfortably with berry clusters and leafy vines in this imaginative haven for the birds of winter.

Bird tree 3

These trees just take my breath away, time after time!

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

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