2009 Hunting & Fishing Tree

So, I promised the next tree would be for the more manly man who would like to celebrate Christmas in a way that pays homage to his favorite outdoor pursuits, such as hunting and fishing, four-wheeling, and other interests that the fairer sex tends to associate with smelly shoes.  We don’t discriminate against any holiday celebrations around here.  When you want lighted beer mugs and shotgun shells on your Christmas tree, we aim to make that happen for you.  Only one eyebrow will be briefly and delicately raised.  And, surprisingly enough, the design team failed to work funny boxers into the plan this year….hmmm.  I will let the pictures tell the rest of the story.

Note the prominent use of fishing lures & floats, strings of popcorn & cranberries, pheasant feathers, and camouflage ornaments.

Sportsman 1

Sportsman 2

Sportsman tree top

Even Santa Claus has a fishing tale to tell….

Sportsman 3

Sportsman 4

Sportsman 5

Sportsman 6

Sportsman 7

Have a sporting Christmas!

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

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