The Doll Tree

This beautiful, flocked tree is located in our doll area, and is loaded in pinks and greens and Christmas sparkle.  Here’s my challenge – it’s a fairly tall tree to begin with, and they have seated it in an antique baby crib which adds another three feet of height, and the angel on the top reaches the second floor ~ she needs her own spotlight!  I hope you will get a feel for its beauty in this series of pictures.

Doll tree

As I was taking pictures, one subtlety I noticed is the use of brown in the color scheme.  It doesn’t jump out at you, but it really enhances the richness of the softer pinks and greens.  Now that I’ve mentioned it, do you notice the brown bead garlands and ornaments included on the tree?

Here’s a view from above.  That’s not a hula hoop, that’s the top rim of the crib.  What a creative way to display a tree  in your nursery or anywhere in your home – if your ceilings are high enough – you can fit plenty of presents right under the crib!

Angel tree topper

Angel tree base

Birds and butterflies, rocking horses, tiny dolls, tea cups, hearts, and stars are just a few of the ornaments on the tree.  The most astonishing thing ~one designer decorated it in one day!  Here are a few close-up images – this is a pretty glitzy tree.

Doll tree detail 1

Doll tree detail 2

Doll tree detail 3

Doll tree top detail

Of course, with this abundance of glittery pink ornamentation, it’s a very feminine style.  Not to worry, men, my next tree will be just for you.  Yes, JUST for you.  Trust me, ladies.  Something the men will appreciate.

~ Janet @ The Christmas Place

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