Two for Tuesday Part II

Here are pictures of a couple of the new floral stems being used in the Vintage Christmas tree.  Just take your time looking at the photos and the details will start to come out for you.

First, the luscious geranium, placed in the tree next to Santa, with a glittering red dove ornament and fern stem.  It is the contrast of surface finishes, shiny and matte, satiny and glittery, that bring it all together in complementary style.

Gold-tipped Geranium

Gold-tipped Geranium

Next, the gorgeous, metallic velvet holly with contrasting shiny globes and naturalistic berries on the same stem.  We’ve used primarily gold accents here, but this holly will also work well with silver themes.

Metallic Holly

Metallic Holly

Remember, when it comes to adding decorations to the Christmas tree, more is almost always going to be better (and it may not be possible to ever have too much sparkle…well, maybe)!

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

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