Two for Tuesday

So many trees, so little time to take pictures!  How can I keep up when they are decorating over three in a week?  Here are a couple of the beautiful floral elements they are incorporating into today’s Vintage Christmas tree design.

These beautiful silk geranium blossoms vary in color from lighter to deeper red, and some of the petals are tipped in gold leaf – gorgeous!

Geranium Stem with gold leaf tips

Geranium Stem with gold leaf tips

These beautiful holly stems have a golden-green leaf color and are accented with bright metallic red berries in among the natural berries.  Another beautiful choice.

Holly Stem with metallic finish

Holly Stem with metallic finish

As always, the store is filled with a colorful and imaginative array of floral stems for Christmas 2009.  I’m continually impressed with the way our designers mix elements in our trees.  As soon as they remove the ladders and red ribbon keeping me from getting close to the current work in progress, I’ll post some photo examples of their stylish choices.

Are you thinking red and green?  blue and white? burgundy and gold and silver?  purple and lime green and lipstick pink?  You know we have what you need to satisfy that color craving, and I look forward to sharing more ideas with you!

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

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