Two for Tuesday

Last week I mentioned spotting one item I particularly wanted to highlight this week.  Well, so did our customers over the weekend ~ we sold out of it before I could get a photo!  You’ll just have to keep anticipating until it comes back into stock.  It is a beautiful thing, kind of round and teardrop and oval shaped with some glittery stuff (you know me!) around the top.  Have I given too much away already?

If you enjoy a natural approach to Christmas decorating, we have just the things you want.  Take a look at this owl and quail, made of real feathers and other natural elements, including pine cones and twigs.

Large owl

Quail 1

Quail 2

I don’t know my game birds well – is this another quail, or could it be a pheasant hen?  Whatever it represents, it’s a beautiful creation.

Here’s the magnificent owl, crowning the top of the Christmas tree – notice the large squirrel just below him; there are also a couple of foxes in this tree.

Owl tree top

Here is a bonus picture of a cute little mini owl, just hanging around the neighborhood.

Owl Mini

I think I have to finish this off by asking, “Hoo-s getting ready for Christmas?!”

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

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