Princess or Drama Queen?!

Don’t we know that the hearts of little girls absolutely beat pink and purple?  Here is their dream tree!  Start with a white base; load on the sparkles in pink and purple; fill in with ballerinas, feathered tiaras, cell phones, and princess dolls; and finish with a sprinkling of red, green and gold ~ a tree to melt every girl’s heart.

Purple and Pink Tree

Pinks 1

Pinks 2

Pinks 3

Pinks 4

Pinks 5

Pinks 6

Pinks 7

We added a couple of hot pink LED light balls to the ceiling and a swath of pink satin as a tree skirt for a shimmering finale to this spectacular fantasy in pink, purple, white, tulle, satin, and spun glass.

I’ll find a tree for the boys, too, don’t worry!

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

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