From the yard…

Just a little something I discovered in the back yard this summer (yes, that yard that is the object of my mowing woes and brings me closer to my lovely neighbors…) .. in spite of my less-than-gruntled attitude, it has rewarded me with a peck of blueberries this summer!  As there were no berries last summer, this bush was a wonderful surprise when I noticed the fruit at the end of June.  Enjoy a few pictures, and later I’ll describe the fresh blueberry ice cream and cobbler.  Feel free to share your recipe suggestions, too!

Blueberries 3

Blueberries 1

Blueberries 4

Blueberries 2

And, a blackberry bramble under the pine tree has served up one berry so far – there must be some competition for these in the yard.  I ate this one immediately after photography, and it was warm and juicy and sweet!

Blackberries 1

Finally (for today), a tree that brushes the eaves at the end of the house and is loaded with these hibiscus-like blooms.  There are always far more discarded on the ground than on the tree.  In my youth, the hibiscus around us were of a variety with stems long enough to place in a vase, but these are too short.  Hibiscus only bloom for a day, so you don’t have to place them in water, and it’s delightful to enjoy fresh blooms every day.  If only these were a winter-blooming variety, wouldn’t they make a wonderful Christmas arrangement?

Flowering tree 1

I have four glorious, blue hydrangea blooms brightening the kitchen counter right now.  Pictures to come!

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

P.S.  Look at me, rockin’ the Photoshop special effects!  Ha!

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