Christmas 2009 – Let the Decorating Begin!

Time to start showing off the fantastic work of our buyers and decorators for Christmas 2009!  Trees are starting to come together, and you can follow developments here.  I will show you some of the highlights of our designs for decorating your trees, selecting ornaments, and using unusual materials in creative ways to achieve a unique theme.

You have to know that the trees we create are so packed with decorations that, as I have said before, it’s almost impossible to capture them in pixels, you really have to see them in person to appreciate the beauty of the whole presentation.  But I’m going to take full pictures anyways, and hopefully I’ll be able to attach them in a format that will allow you to look at a larger image.  I’ll also include many close-ups of decorating details.

Most everything we use in our Christmas trees is for sale in the store, but our design team also creates focal elements that are unique for each tree – they can get very creative with Styrofoam, and add unexpected pieces, such as tree branches picked up in the woods … there is no excuse for limiting your thinking when it comes to expressing your own vision of Christmas!

I’m starting with the delightful new Western Tree.  This was a popular theme last year, and we’ve expanded on the idea in colorful fashion for this season.  Of course, I don’t suppose many of us have a grid suspended from the ceiling on which to extend the theme, but that’s what we are able to do here.  A lariat coils across the ceiling and whips around the top of the tree to set the stage.  Check out the Conestoga wagon suspended near the top of the tree.

Western Christmas Tree

Western Christmas Tree

Here is the same view without flash – you can better see the clusters of chili pepper lights on the tree.

Western Tree

Close-up of the ceiling decoration:

Western ceiling copy

… and a collection of close-ups of the ornaments:

Tree detail 1 copy

Paisley ornament copy

I have mad love for these paisley ornaments!

Tree detail 2 copy

Tree detail 3 copy

Tree detail 4 copy

Tree detail 6 copy

Tree detail 5 copy

Tree detail 7 copy

Tree detail 8 copy

As you can see, we have no hesitation in mixing shiny and matte, sparkly and soft, whimsical and serious, natural and man-made elements on a tree – the variety makes each tree a feast for the senses of sight and touch.

I’m really looking forward to showing you our best and brightest for 2009, as everything comes together in the store!  Please, write and let me know if there are details you’d like to see that I may miss as I work my way through the store.

Yeehaw and Merry Christmas!

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

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