Garden Party Fun

As announced briefly on Facebook, we had a great Father’s Day weekend here – a little steamy, but we kept the air conditioning going, and were able to give away all 14 door prizes this year – yipee!  We gave away a prize each hour from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., and it’s so much fun that the folks were here to claim them – we only had to use one back-up name. 

Here are some pictures of the card-making, face-painting, and cookie-decorating fun we had on Saturday.

Kids of all ages enjoyed making Father’s Day cards!


toddler card

card making 2

card making 3

card making

And then came cookie decorating.  Choose your icing color and your topping favorite first…


Then get to work…


Cookie girls

And somewhere in between, add a butterfly or a bear paw to your face.


The associates in Department 56 decided to get in some fun with a 50s theme – Root Beer Floats for only 5 cents!  They raised over $60 in donations for our Relay for Life team.



A genuine poodle skirt, pedal-pushers, and a jaunty, polka-dot neck scarf set the stage for the day!

We also made bows and wreaths, demonstrated setting up a small village with your Department 56 houses, and had guests racing around the store answering our Scavenger Hunt questions – where do you go at Christmas Place to create your own beach?  Good question!  Evelyn Smith from West Virginia, winner of the Scavenger Hunt, can tell you.  I will tell you that you must go to Mrs. Claus’ Candy Kitchen for a really refreshing ice cream cone on a hot summer day…

Hope you enjoyed a marvelous weekend and Father’s Day, and that you’ll be able to join us this time next year for more fun and prizes!

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

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