Two for Tuesday

I guess because we’ve been having such lovely weather, the kind you’d usually experience at the beach but without the humidity and the sand and the salty air, I’m thinking beach this week.   It’s surprising me, because I’m really a mountain girl.  My idea of a good week at the beach is to lie by the pool and look across the grass or even the parking lot at the ocean.  Really, I’m okay with that.   I seriously don’t like grains of sand lodging in uncomfortable places; give me chlorine, and give it to me slightly chilled.

So, I found these fabulous glass fish on a foamy white Christmas tree downstairs by the front porch.  (You probably have to come to the store to understand all that.)  They’re so colorful and fun – I’ve seen fish very close to this in nature.




Around the corner, I found a collection of starfish and shell ornaments called Maui Christmas.  These are really pretty creations, all crafted from natural materials collected on Hawaii’s beaches.  I particularly love the natural colors on several of the angel ornaments.

Shell angel

147008 Starfish Santa

Well, Santa has been embellished just a little bit…anyway, hope you’re having a beachy-keen week!

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

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