Two for Tuesday

It is spring break time in East Tennessee, so I thought I’d go in search of beach inspiration, since it’s off to Myrtle or Hilton Head or Daytona or Fort Walton for most of the locals at this time of year.  Found a couple of cute things…and do you know, Santa is there, too!

Possible Dreams offers a funny figurine, if you don’t mind Santa’s knobbly knees – not unlike those of his pink companion…  This Santa dances the hula, courtesy of a set of hidden springs at his waist line.

Birds of a Feather Tropical Santa

Birds of a Feather Tropical Santa

For a year-round party scene, hang a few strands of these fun lights around the porch or patio.
Palm Tree Lights

Palm Tree Lights

Make time for a little fun in the sun!

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

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